Life is hectic and trying to squeeze a yoga or meditation class into your busy day and rushing around can create more stress. We make it easy and bring yoga to you. Your personalised, convenient private yoga or meditation program takes place in the comfort of your home, with a weekly appointment at the perfect time for you.

Private Yoga

We offer one-on-one yoga classes in the comfort of your own home or in our cosy studio space in Frankston South. There are many reasons you may choose to do private yoga including:

  • You are new to yoga & need help getting started

  • You wish to deepen your current practice

  • You need individual attention to progress

  • You are so busy with your career or managing your family life, that it is easier for us to come to you

  • You don't feel comfortable in a group class

  • Perhaps you are recovering from an injury or illness & require more personalised attention

Private Meditation

We offer private meditation consultations to help you develop a daily meditation & mindfulness practice. These weekly 1 hour sessions teach you how to practice meditation and guide you through a meditation suited to your individual needs each week. There are many benefits to a regular meditation practice including:

  • to reduce mental and physical stress & symptoms in people with stress-triggered medical conditions

  • to reduce symptoms of anxiety

  • to improve self-image and create a more positive outlook on life

  • to enhance self-awareness to understanding yourself more & how you relate to others

  • to increase the strength and endurance of your attention

  • to increase memory & mental clarity

  • to increase positive feelings & actions towards yourself & others

  • to develop mental discipline & willpower

  • to calm the mind & increase sleep quality

Give us a call now on 0413 531 486 to discuss your private yoga needs or complete the form below and tell us the best time to call you.

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